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As with many competitive sports, there are equipment requirements. However, many of these items can be rented, purchased used, or loaned from our existing inventory (where available). We strongly recommend initially renting (where possible) to ensure you are willing to adhere to the rigorous training requirements to be competitive in this sport.

Cross Country Skate Skis, Boots and Poles

The following article provides guidance on the selection of cross country ski gear. Keep in mind, biathlon uses skate skis, skate ski boots and skate ski poles. We recommend discussing equipment choices with the BiNS coaches prior to purchase. Cross country ski gear is often available for rental from Scotia XC.

Rossi Skate Skis.png
Anschutz rifle 2.png
Biathlon Rifle

The most costly component of biathlon is the rifle. Most athletes rent the rifle for at least the first year, primarily to see if they're interested in the sport for the long term. Experience has shown that while purchasing the rifle is expensive, if properly taken care of, it typically sells for close to original purchase price years later if sold. Biathlon rifles are available for rental from BiNS.

Roller Skis

The snow skiing equivalent for the summertime, the roller ski is heavily used by the competitive team as part of their training when there is an inadequate snow base. Roller skis are available for rental from BiNS.

Since roller skis position the skier higher off the ground than traditional snow skis, different length poles are used tipped with special road picks for grip. The ski boots used for winter can be used with the roller skis.

Roller skis.png
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